Kingdel Brand Ultrabook Laptop Computer: Chat with Aliexpress Customer Service

Lindy (2016-09-22 21:37:22)
Hello, this is Lindy from Aliexpress Customer Service Team. I am very glad to assist you with your problem today.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:37:29)
need details Regarding Order number: 70649122583147
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:37:47)
Seller sold me a useless pc, it died after 2 months.
Last time I contacted you someone told me I was going to get a compensation from you… How is t
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:37:52)
hat going?
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:39:00)
Thank you for your information. Please wait for a moment, let me check it for you.^_^
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:39:54)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:40:23)
I see the order was in 2015
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:40:54)
I have searched our system but find no record of the compensation
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:41:04)
Is the problem about the item ?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:41:10)
yes it is
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:41:27)
this has taken months with no reply ffrom seller and no solution
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:41:39)
What is the problem of the item ,dear friend
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:42:21)
you can see it on my history, Seller sold me a useless pc, it died after 2 months.
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:43:13)
I understand you. Be assured that I will do everything I can and I will be using all my resources for your issue to be taken care of.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:44:29)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:45:18)
What I can do for you is to help you to contact the seller so that he will be aware that you are waiting for his response to resolve and settle the issue as soon as possible.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:45:48)
I tried that, does not work
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:45:57)
another agent told me that
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:46:00)
still no reply from seller
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:46:30)
I need someone who can take a look at the whole hsitory
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:47:17)
I understand
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:47:29)
I will do my very best to pressure the seller to cooperate with us and I will remind the seller about our trade rules so that he will be pressured and then he will oblige his responsibility to you.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:47:59)
ok, will you get me a copy of that message?
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:48:29)
Yes, i will also send you a copy of the email so that you will know when i send to the seller
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:48:37)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:49:15)
Thank you for your kindly understanding
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:50:52)
It is my pleasure assisting you. Aside from this, is there anything else that I could help you with today?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:52:20)
yes please send me the copy of the email
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:52:47)
Yes, i will send it today as soon as possible and try to speed up this for you
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:53:08)
i need a copy now
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:53:35)
Do you mind if i send it later to the seller ? maybe a few hours later
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:53:54)
Because i am talking to many buyers at the same time , dear friend
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:53:57)
no, please now
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:55:11)
Ok, i will try to do it , please hold a while for me
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:55:21)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:55:25)
Thank you
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:57:46)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:58:05)
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:59:02)
myemail@ya***.com  just to make sure it is the right address
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:59:12)
sorry I do that, if not right
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:59:18)
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 21:59:21)
thats right
Lindy (2016-09-22 21:59:42)
Ok, thank you , i am sending it now
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:00:05)
I have sent it , you may check it later ~
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:00:12)
let me see
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:00:54)
Ok, thank you
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:01:13)
got it
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:01:27)
is there a compensation asked for my case on your system?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:01:36)
las agent I contacted told me about this
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:01:42)
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:02:46)
I have checked our system but find no compensation for this
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:03:01)
May he or she did not do it because our inspector need to check this first
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:03:04)
could you please start it?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:04:54)
I also hope to help with the compensation, but i can not do it because the order was in 2015
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:05:28)
I see but problems started in feb this year
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:05:34)
order was dec 2015
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:07:23)
You should have come to us earlier ,dear friend , we could have help you better if you come to us earlier
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:07:57)
I know…
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:09:19)
but seller took his time to reply everytime
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:09:22)
Now the only way to apply compensation is that the seller promised to resend or refund but failed to do it
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:09:27)
thats why this took so long
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:09:47)
ah I see
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:10:13)
so if I send the pc back and he doesn?t resend it, can I still apply for compensation?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:11:06)
If you return it and the seller said he will resend , it is also a way to help
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:11:15)
So the point is the seller’s promise
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:12:00)
am I still on time to send the pc?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:12:44)
Please do not ship it now , you may need to pay for the expensive shipping cost
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:13:09)
yes he told me I need to pay shipping
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:15:04)
Yes, so now we will contact the seller first and for more help for this
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:15:56)
ok, I have done this over the last 6 months now
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:16:09)
seller still does not reply promtply
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:16:27)
I can imagine how difficult this has been for you. Allow me to help you out. Let’s resolve this together.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:17:04)
how? just by waiting again for seller?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:17:53)
Since now the seller has got the money, they should be responsible for you . that is why I will contact the seller for you .
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:19:13)
what if he tells me to send it to him?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:20:20)
If the seller said to send to him and resend or refund to you , you can tell them to help with the shipping cost first
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:20:29)
Or you can come back to us to let us know what the seller said
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:20:38)
We will help check and see what is the best solution
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:21:35)
seller said already I have to pay shipping
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:21:53)
I sent him the hard disk which also failed
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:21:59)
but he said it got to him broken
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:22:03)
I do not trust this guy
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:22:36)
I understand
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:22:50)
Did you send the hard disk to him ?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:24:16)
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:24:27)
first the hard disk failed
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:24:31)
so I sent him back
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:24:35)
Yes, and ?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:24:54)
he said it got there, but broken!
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:24:59)
so no refund there
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:25:10)
now I have the pc, which is useless
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:25:14)
does not start, it died
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:26:08)
Ok, i see , sorry for that
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:26:16)
I am sorry if this has been way too long for you.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:27:01)
it has
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:27:14)
I hope the seller will reply to you earlier and everything will be resolved as soon as possible.
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:29:04)
ok, what if he tells me I need to send him back the pc
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:29:05)
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:29:26)
Then please come back to us and we will help check what the seller said
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:29:52)
You can also go to the post office to see how much is the post to China
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:30:42)
is there any way I can chat again with you? other agents cannot help me with this
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:30:54)
You may come to another person next time because our system picks one of us to give you service by random.
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:30:57)
But I will also make a note of our chat so that you do not need to explain again .
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:31:20)
All of us will do our best to help check ,dear friend , thank you for your trust
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:32:00)
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:32:07)
could you please email this trasncript?
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:32:57)
Do you mean you want our chat record sent to your email ?
ar1056459990 (2016-09-22 22:33:48)
yes please
Lindy (2016-09-22 22:34:00)
Ok, sure~


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