Kingdel Brand Ultrabook Laptop Computer: Chat with Aliexpress Customer Service 1 – August 2016

Thank you for contacting AliExpress.
Here is the record:

Hi. Regarding Order number: 70649122583147, please do something about this!

Seller sold me a useless pc, it died after 2 months.

Thank you for contacting AliExpress. My name is Sunny. I am your service representative. How may I help you today? 🙂
I am sorry to hear that and I do apologize for the inconvenience you have faced but please do not worry because I will find ways to help you.
Dear friend, would you give me more details with your concerns. Then I can be more accurately understand you and help you to solve your problems asap? thank you very much.
Last time I contacted you someone told me I was going to get a compensation from you… How is that going?

08-18 03:33:14

please see order number
Yes, I am checking, sorry to take your tiem.
May I ask did you have the seller’s promise record?
what is that?

08-18 03:36:11

May I ask who told the compensation to you?
you at customer help
Could you show me the seller’s promise to you?
not the seller, but you a customer support

08-18 03:37:51

I have no way to show you because you did not send me an email
Very sorry for the inconvenience, but as I searched many times, there has no record of that.
So that I want you to show me, dear friend.
I sent pictures and all to you

08-18 03:39:36

you should have it on record
I do understand you, dear friend. After checking carefully for you. Since the order has been completed and you have been on this situation without having dispute on time to protect your order, kindly allow me to write an official notification to your seller to formally address the case you have.
that has been done already

08-18 03:41:00

since July 22nd
no useful reply from seller
I understand you. Be assured that I will do everything I can and I will be using all my resources for your issue.
I want a full refund

08-18 03:42:09

We consider the seller’s behavior is not acceptable to do business. We will note the seller in our system if confirmed.Please be assured we are doing the best to make here a safe site to do business.
Ok I do understand your request, dear friend.
ok, last 3 times I chat you told me the same…

08-18 03:43:48

what else can be done?
Dear friend, let us be positive so that seller will cooperate with your problem. Now the best way is contacting your seller to negotiate for a good solution to your concern.
sorry but I have been trying for months

08-18 03:44:55

and I need you as aliexpress to give me a solution
May I ask why didn’t you open dispute to protect your order at that time?
I lost one month because pc traveled from spain to Argentina, then the SSD died, he told me he was going to replace it, the pc died, and I believed

08-18 03:47:06

Here is the link for you to know more how to protect your order in Aliexpress, dear friend.
sellers words…
I will do my very best to pressure the seller to cooperate with us and I will remind the seller about our trade rules so that he will be pressured and then he will oblige his responsibility to you.
wont work

08-18 03:49:13

did you check sellers last reply date?
I know you have an issue with the order and it is already an inconvenience on your part. Here’s what I can do for you, I will report it to related team who will contact the seller in an efficient way requesting seller to contact with you as soon as possible.
you told me that last time, 3 times actually

08-18 03:50:35

nothing happened
I am asking for a different approach
if you cannt do it please transfer me with somebody that can
I understand that you want to talk to my colleague, however we are unable to have this option since the system only provides random agent per chat.
whats the name of your colleague?

08-18 03:53:13

Please be advised that AliExpress aims to do it’s best to protect the interests of it’s members, especially the buyers. All suppliers on AliExpress must abide by our Supplier Services Agreement. If the seller is found fraud, he will be investigated and punished accordingly.
whats the name of your colleague?
Sorry, we have many branches and many colleagues.
ok, now what about this?

08-18 03:56:00

this issue I meant
I am asking for your patience as we wait for the seller’s respond after I give him a official notification.
could you send a copy f the notification to me?
Yes of course.

08-18 03:57:21

May I ask you to please provide me your email address so I can send the copy to you within today?
I need it now
last time you told me the sameI got nothing
thats way I am chatting with u

08-18 03:58:26

Ok sure, hold on for some minutes, very sorry to take your time.
Thank you and your time to wait.

08-18 04:01:14

Hold on, please, thank you very much as I go the another system to do for you.
no problem

08-18 04:04:02

Dear friend, did you get the copied one, I send to you just now.
let me see

08-18 04:06:17

Ok please.
ok I did
but the thing is the seller will ask for the failed pc
I sent him the dead SSD and he told me it got there but broken
I do not trust this seller anymore

08-18 04:07:20

My friend, your understanding on this matter will be highly appreciated. We appreciate your patience and we do hope the seller will  solve for your order issue as soon as possible, thank you.
he will not I know
what would be the next step?
Don’t worry we would be able to find out way to help you. Be assured that we will not stop communicating with the seller until they give you a solution.
mm, ok

08-18 04:08:44

is this chat recorded on my profile or your records?
My Friend, thank you for your kind understanding and support to Aliexpress. May you have full of blessings, good health, grace and prosperity all the time!
is this chat recorded on my profile or your records?
Yes, of course, I am sure it will be record by me, please trust Sunny to help you here.
ok please send it to y email too
May I ask what email?
same I gave u before

08-18 04:10:15

I mean I will keep the record in the system, so others can check it.
yeah, last customer support told me the same
Then you don’t need to explain again and again, dear friend.
well I had to do it with you
no record of my last 4 chats with you about this issue

08-18 04:11:23

please send it
I have a question.
May I ask what is the account you used to chat with us last 4 times?
the same
same email
Is this present Aliexpress account ar1056459990    you chat with me? Dear friend.
Hold on I am checking for you.
Very sorry for the inconvenience, I found you have chat on 2016-07-27 2016-07-29  2016-08-02 2016-08-03
I really do not recall the names but I may have yes

08-18 04:15:02

ok, last chat was about the compensation
But around recently an hour, the system bug, we didn’t find that.
no problem
glad it is there
Ok I will check, hold on, please.

08-18 04:16:55

Sabrina(2016-08-02 22:45:33) Here’s what I can do to help you, I will submit a compensation for this order in order for you to get a refund. Sabrina(2016-08-02 22:45:58) However, please bear with me that this is subject for approval.
Sabrina(2016-08-02 22:47:21) Can you send me the screenshot of your conversation with your seller, this may serve as an evidence for this compensation. ar1056459990(2016-08-02 22:47:30) ok
ah yes that´s it. I remember she said 10 days

08-18 04:18:26

May I ask did you get a email from the related team recently?
Normally it will pass around 10 office days for the results and it didn’t include weekend and holidays.
have gotten nothing

08-18 04:20:16

but I did not get any note nor email about this
May I suggest you to double check your email again and the spam box also to check?
yes, I did a search for aliexpress on my email and spam folder

08-18 04:21:44

but found nothing
Ok thanks for your time, I will do the best to help you, I will inform our related team, please wait kindly about their information, dear friend.
ok, could you please copy that email to mine?

08-18 04:23:39

Ok sure.
ok will wait

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